Monday, July 26, 2010

the bromance

I'm a girl but I do loves the bromance. I read an article once that said all movies that are not straight action, "shoot em up" are actually chick flicks in disguise.
But then all of a sudden along comes the so-called "bromance" - some kinda hybrid - might actually touch on feelings in a guy kinda way but all wrapped up in some rude and super funny humour.

I'll start back a number of years ago with one of my favourite movies of all time: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". "how about those bears?" I love, love, love this movie still. I can watch it over and over and laugh every time but then cry at the end when Steve Martin discovers John Candy still sitting alone at the train station.

Of course, fast forwarding a couple of decades... we have Judd Apatow and gang bringing the bromance to a whole new level of outrageously goofball "they did not just do that" hilariously funny and yet always with something thoughtful subtly woven in among the not so subtle guy antics. Most recently "Get Him to the Greek". I realize I'm late to the party posting this but seriously get yourself to this movie if you're looking for lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

I'm now waiting for "The Other Guys" - with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg and co-written and directed by Adam McKay. I giggle every time I see the trailer. Again, I might be a girl but I'll take a Will Ferrell or a Seth Rogen bromance over a traditional rom-com any day. (I still haven't seen Bride Wars and hope I never do.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

you can get a really good cup of coffee in L.A.

Top Center - from Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose
Bottom Center - from Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills

They don't just look pretty, they tasted really damn good, too! Definitely substance and style. Although I have to remember not to order the large at Urth next time, as I now affectionately refer to it as my "bucket of latte".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

kinda over movie love....

I just saw "Letters to Juliet". Don't worry. If you've seen the trailer, you probably don't need to see the movie yourself unless you feel like you need to see how they actually connect the dots to the inevitable outcome. I admit I kinda knew this going in but I was going with some good friends. It was a week day matinee and in a moment of need for some sort of sentimentality I thought "why not"? The thing is the movie had the exact opposite effect on me. About halfway through, I thought "I think I've grown tired of movie love.

It's all just a little too convenient. It's all just a little too filled with grand dramatic moments and super obvious endings. and beginnings. Girl meets Boy. Girl can't stand boy or boy can't stand girl or both ergo they will eventually fall for each other, after much witty sparring and battle of wits or something like that. However, there will be an obstacle. Another boy. Another girl. Disapproving parents or friends. Throw in a misunderstanding that could be cleared up with a simple question or two but isn't. So our heros must part until at the last moment one goes rushing to the other and all the stumbling blocks disappear and cue awesome song that perfectly captures the moment.

I think maybe I've spent too much time romanticizing this myself. Not that I don't appreciate romance or how love really is special, but I have to accept it probably doesn't come in beats or acts or inciting moments.

Best memory about this movie. The honest to goodness Italian man who struck up a conversation with us as we left the theatre. He wanted to know why they make the trailers so that you've already seen everything that will happen. Why indeed. Of course, if that moment had been in a movie, he probably would have become the new romantic lead in one of our lives. But no. Instead we laughed and agreed and went our separate ways.

Total side note: one thing I really would like to experience from this movie. The outdoor feast set in the beautiful countryside of Southern Italy. You know with everyone laughing and talking, drinking good wine, and the table filled with amazing food. I would like to know that moment, at least once in my life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things that look like a good story

Broken down trailer in the middle of a prime urban lot. The trailer is actually taped up in places and note the wooden door. It's been sitting there for weeks. I wonder what's the deal? This is a pretty pricey piece of land in a fairly hip and trendy neighbourhood. This feels like a good jumping off point to some oddball David Lynch style story. Hmmmm......
I hope it's not "just another crack house in Vancouver".

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring, glorious Spring!

Ah,Spring! In all it's cherry blossom glory. Renewal time. Eying up the flipflops. Shedding the winter gear...
Even though this city stays green pretty much all year, there's just something about seeing the budding crocuses and tulips and all the other blooms emerging...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Just saw Greenberg last week - Director, Noah Baumbach's latest starring Ben Stiller.
I always like to check out Baumbach's movies. I think it's because I feel like we had the same parents after watching "The Squid and the Whale". Without going in to too many details - but the type of parents who are a little (or A LOT) emotionally unaware and so are unable to leave their children out of their petty fighting. Ditto for Margot at the Wedding. The way Nicole Kidman's character talks to her son... made me cry how oblivious and childish adults can be some times. Instead of rising above...thoughtlessly dumping their baggage on their kids.
But all that aside, back to Greenberg. Ben Stiller is perfect here as Roger Greenberg and I adored Greta Gerwig for being so authentic.
"Hurt people hurt people". I like this line a lot. It made me think about anger. And that disconnect when we turn inward and become so self-involved in our own pain and turmoil.
This movie made me cringe in so many spots and even though you don't necessarily like this guy really, I think you really do hope that somehow, some way, he is going to get "it" and he's going to somehow stop behaving like a human wrecking ball - damaging anyone in his path. I just so badly wanted him to do. the. right. thing. Thankfully this is actually still a comedy (I just refuse to call anything a dramedy). I did laugh out loud at parts although sometimes just out of sheer discomfort. The scene near the end though where Greenberg is at a party with college kids and basically calls out their generation for being too confident is pretty hilarious and kinda bang on.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tequila Sunrise at Habit

My friend, Gen, ordered this the other night at Habit in Vancouver. You have to love when your drink comes in a "kit" and has instructions with it. Fun!!